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About Blackboard

What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is an Internet based software portal that supports E-Learning. NDU currently uses Blackboard to fully deliver some courses and as an adjunct delivery tool for other courses. Beyond taking courses through Blackboard, the portal can also be used by NDU students, faculty, and staff to access the NDU library and to learn about NDU community events.

For more information on the Blackboard software, please go to

Which URL address should I use to enter Blackboard at NDU?
Please use to access the NDU Blackboard site.


Blackboard Help and Support

Who do I contact for help with Blackboard?

If you are having problems connecting to Blackboard: Students at the National Defense University - Washington D.C., contact the Blackboard Admin for your school:
    Eisenhower School – Tim Sherwood:
    National War College –
    CISA –
    iCollege –

Students at Joint Forces Staff College- Norfolk, VA, please contact JFSC blackboard support at

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Quick Support Answers

How do I get to my courses in Blackboard?
Once you log into Blackboard, you will be able to access your courses from the My NDU tab in the My Courses box. You can also access your courses from the Course tab.

I am taking an online course in a month, why can’t I currently access the course in Blackboard?
Courses are accessible eleven days prior to the course start date. If it is more than eleven days before the course begins, please check back when it is closer to the course start date. If you are trying to access a course within eleven days from the start date, please contact our onsite Information Technology Support Group for assistance.

I previously used Blackboard, but I am now taking a new course, do I need to create a new account?
No. One Blackboard account is established for each NDU student. When a student registers for a new course, the course is automatically associated with their account.

I forgot my password/username. How do I retrieve it?
Go to and click on the "Forgot your password?" link. On the form enter your first name, last name, and user name or your e-mail address and click the Submit button. An email message will be sent to your email account that you use for Blackboard along with further instructions. Follow the link in the email message to reset your password.

How do I change my password?
You can change your password through the Tools section. The Tools section is on the left side of the My NDU page. To change your password click on the following links. Personal Information > Edit Personal Information > Change Password.

Why am I not getting emails through Blackboard?
Each Blackboard account has an email address associated with it. All email messages sent through Blackboard will be sent to that account. To verify which email address is associated with your account, go to the Tools section of Blackboard and click on the following links. Personal Information > Edit Personal Information > Edit Personal Information.

If you are using a Hotmail or Yahoo email address, messages sent through Blackboard may be removed from your inbox by a "junk mail" filter. If this is the case, turn off the filter, or register another email address within Blackboard.

I am having a problem uploading a file in Blackboard. What do I do?
Verify from the list below that the file name does not contain invalid characters. Letters(A-Z), numbers (0-9), periods (.), and underscores (_) are all acceptible characters.

Invalid File Names

Valid File Names

file one.doc








I cannot find my grades in Blackboard?
There are two grade locations in Blackboard. From within a course, click on Student Tools > Check Grades. This will give you your grades for this course only. To check your grades for all courses, click on the My Grades button in the Tools sections located on the My NDU page. If your grades are in neither of these locations, please contact your instructor to find out if he or she is posting grades within Blackboard.

Why should I log out of Blackboard, instead of just closing the Blackboard window?
If you do not log out of Blackboard, and you are using a public computer, anyone who using the computer after you will have access to your Blackboard account, including your grades, tests, and documents. Use the Logout button located in the upper right corner to log out of Blackboard.

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Technical Requirements

Do I need any software on my PC to run Blackboard?
No. Blackboard is accessible from any computer with a connection to the internet and an internet browser such as Internet Explorer (9.0 or higher), Safari (6.0 or higher), Firefox (21 or higher), and Chrome (27 or higher)  Note that JavaScript and cookies should be enabled in your browser. You may also need software on your PC that is commonly used for files, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Quick Time, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. For iPad users, you must edit your Safari "Block Cookies" Setting to "Never" in order for Blackboard to work properly

I can not seem to access Blackboard using my current browser.
Browsers compatible with Blackboard are Internet Explorer (9.0 or higher), Safari (6.0 or higher), Firefox (21) and Chrome (27). Click: Here! for most current browser support

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User Manuals and Training

Where do I locate training materials online?
Please use the links below to access Blackboard manuals.

Blackboard Student Manual
Discussion Board
Create a New Message
Your Response/Reply to Post
Turn It In

Live Classroom
Journal LX Guide
Teams LX Guide


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Blackboard Plug-in Center

Use these quick links to download plug-ins you may need while you're using Blackboard.

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
Microsoft Word Viewer
QuickTime Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Real Media Player
Flash Plug-in

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